Saturday, August 27, 2016


The day Bode died Gerry and I decided to just pile our beach stuff in the car and head down the coast to Chincoteague. We needed to get away from the sadness of a home without a dog.

We love Chincoteague andAssateague and have been visiting this small town island for over 30 years. In the early years we biked all the trails, then when we got into sea kayaking we brought the boats down and kayaked on the coves and channels. Now we just pack our bathing suits and sun screen and a couple of good books.

So, we were taking a walk on the beach in early evening when I spied this marvelous creation - but on my way to get a photosI fell into a deep hole in the sand. Apparently some children (and likely a few adults had dug a wide and deep trench which was now filled with a very soupy sand and sea water mixture, that to my eye looked just as solid as the wet sand around it. It wasn't. I went straight down into it and though I've never (thankfully) been stuck in quick sand, I imagined the sensation was the same- damned if I could not get out of the freaking hole and Gerry had to drag me out of it.

Once out I - carefully - walked around it and got the picture.

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