Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dear Bode

I know...its been another long break between blog posts. Life was so easy while I was out from work for three months while I healed from surgery-I was so freaking productive!

Work is always crazy, add in teaching at Wilmington University and then mix in the horses, pretty robust social life and taking care of the house and holy moly there isn't much time left for much else. And I'm also trying to get the final draft of my second novel finished. I'm also making the switch from a PC to an iMac, which is much harder than I'd thought it would be-especially since I'm pretty fluent on Mac since I have an iPhone an iPad and iWatch. But not so much.

Anyway, you see lots of photos below of our beloved Bode. No way to sugar coat this we lost him to cancer on July 19. It sucked for him and us, but he didn't suffer and that's the most important thing. We miss him. We are without a dog for the first time in over 35 years. 

Rest in peace my beautiful black dog.

With his little sister Bella.

Gerry and Bode in the snow

MJ and Bode last Christmas

My gentle boy.

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