Friday, October 31, 2014 the beginning

Proudly riding my very first horse, Rusty, with my sister Susan looking not so thrilled. I still have that clock that's on the stereo.

MJ at Oak Brook with my favorite horse, Pitter Pat. I was about 10 years old in these photos. I started taking riding lessons when I was 6 years old at Keith Line Stables in Illinois.  
More at Oak Brook Riding Academy in Oak Brook IL. There were 8 polo fields so the school horses were mostly retired polo ponies.

Blackie, a stocky black pony that I kept at the Old Prices Corner prison (really!) and rode around in Prices Corner, Delaware.

Uncle Bob on the bottom with a friend up on his shoulders, Estes Park, Co, about 1942. Uncle Bob worked as a wrangler in the summers.

Riding in St. Kitts in the Caribbean.

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