Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Pandemic Rabbit Hole-TicToc

So, I've become a Tic Toc addict over the pandemic. I can't help it, I can spend hours looking at it.  I've actually learned quite a lot from watching it- from great recipes to learning about other cultures. And yes, it can be very funny too. I really prefer it to FB or Insta.

Since I can't post without a photo, here is one from a recent gathering with my buddies from work. I had them over for lunch, which our wonderful boss provided, and I did drinks and dessert. It was nice to see them in the flesh and not just as a box on a Zoom meeting.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Tricking out the Böckmann Horse Trailer

Our horse trailer has a lovely dressage horse head on the back tailgate, but as it hauls Doc the mule just as frequently as it does Dallas I thought it only fitting that we should have some graphics depicting a mule. We have the same graphic on both sides. I think the ears should be longer, however.

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