Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter is good for....

Winter is good for:
Being frugal! Getting dressed in heavy, uncomfortable clothes, cleaning off the car, warming it up, and then having to travel on icy and snowy roads has killed my drive to shop. Even getting out to buy food and gas seems like way too much work.
Shopping in your own home! I've done a lot of rearranging of minor pieces of furniture, radios, and the like and it's impressive how just a few little changes- like putting the clock radio in a place where it is easier to use, or changing the position of an end table can make your home more comfortable. And a work friend has been doing a clean-out of her own closet and I've been the very happy recipient of several shopping bags full of beautiful clothes- the sweater in the pic above is just one of many new tops she has given me. The pin is one my friend D.D. made but that I haven't worn in years. Having a new outfit to wear really helps lift the spirits- especially when it didn't cost me anything!

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