Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friends and Photos

In today's mail was a letter from some dear friends from the great white north, L + T from Canada! It was a wonderful letter - it was so nice to get caught-up with what is happening in their life. (And they read my blog too --thank you!!!)

L asked about my photos and so I thought I'd share a little background on them. Years and years and years ago when I was in college I took 5 semesters of photography- and for a time I thought I might want to follow in my Dad's footsteps and make it my profession - and while I didn't follow that path, I have used photography a lot in my graphic artwork. Back in the day I had really nice 35mm SLR cameras- well I still have them, but then I bought a digital camera - a cheapy model- and while I loved the convenience of being able to download my pics, I hated the lack of control I had in shooting the actual picture. See the 35mm cameras I used were all manual, and frankly I think that's just a whole lot easier then trying to figure out fully or even semi-automatic cameras. Those camera's just stump me.

I've thought about investing in a really nice digital camera, thinking it would give me more control, but the truth is, if I spend that much I'm not going to carry it with me. So, the end result is everything that I've shot for this blog is being taken with my I-Phone. It is fast and I always have it with me. However, the quality is lacking and so I end up retooling all my photos in an image editing program called Photoshop. (Oh, I can also remove anywhere from 10-20 pounds off my figure and get rid of wrinkles- and yes, I do that all the time!!!)

Anyway, here is a little step-by-step of taking a not so great photo and turning it into something a bit more interesting using Photoshop.

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