Sunday, January 3, 2010

A heartwarming video of Beau for a very cold day

As many of you know I have my darling, beautful horse Beau up for sale (not without a lot of reservations--but we just really can't afford three horses/mules and Doc (the mule) is exactly what Gerry wanted for his long trail ride adventures. I bought Dallas before I bought Beau and he is much better suited to dressage and a little jumping, so sadly, Beau is the one up for sale. To avoid selling him, we actually have looked into buying a small farm in Maryland- but the truth is we really like our current home and living in Delaware.

So, in order to find Beau the best possible new owner I put together two videos, one of which I put here on the blog. you can see the other one (and the ones I hope to make of him) on Youtube.

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