Monday, January 4, 2010

Why Mules?

Wanting a mule goes back to the late-90's when Gerry and I went to the Grand Canyon and took the 2 day mule trip to the bottom of the Canyon and stayed at Phantom Ranch. We rode mules on that long, difficult, and scary trail and that trip sold me on their solid minds and bodies. When we got back into horses a couple of years later I toyed with the idea of getting a mule, but frankly, they weren't very popular and there were just a whole lot more horses to choose from.

Our horses, especially Dallas, are pretty good on the trails, but a good mule is awesome- just rock steady and unflappable and they are becoming the ride of choice for older riders like Ger and me who no longer enjoy close encounters with the ground. Mules entered our lives again when we met a couple in our riding club who ride mules and they gave us some mule magazines, then we bought some books on mules, and then started looking at mules for sale online, And now we have one in our barn- and could not be happier with him. I've got lots of photos and stories up on my blog about Doc. The bottom line is, he is wicked smart and like most mules is not going to do anything foolish to hurt himself- and by extension his rider stays safer too.

And love those big ears!

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