Friday, May 21, 2021

Sadness of a tragic accident

The friend who cleans our home, was driving to do a final cleaning of Gerry's parents' home in Newark last Friday when an 87-year-old woman pulled out in front of her on Kirkwood Highway. Our friend tried to avoid crashing but couldn't and both cars were totaled. The 87-year-old woman died. So tragic. The woman was making an illegal turn and wasn't wearing a seat belt.

Our friend is traumatized.

Her family wasn't able to go to her, so they called us, and Gerry and I arrived minutes after the accident and stayed with her, throughout the investigation (standard procedure, our friend was not at fault) and eventually drove her back to her home.

Kudos to BMW, they build a tank of a car. My husband couldn't believe the frame wasn't bent, all four doors still opened and closed. All the airbags deployed and our friend walked away with a brush burn from the seat belt and a small cut on her finger. 

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