Wednesday, May 19, 2021

End of a working era

I have "lived" in the same office at Delaware Tech for all of my 21 years employed there. It's not big, it doesn't have a window, but it was private and had a door. And of course, I decorated it so it reflected who I am. Over the past three years, I have been decluttering it and brought several carloads of my "stuff" home - pictures, books, fan, heater, etc.

This week we got the word that we will be moved out of our area because of construction going on in another part of the building. The plan thus far, is we will move to the library (which makes me very happy-we will have a huge space and windows!!!!)

Anyway, this past Friday I did the final cleanout and Gerry brought the car and we loaded it up.

The bottom photo is all my awards that I had displayed in my office. I've boxed them all away and likely they will get thrown out in the near future, so here is a last look at them.


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