Wednesday, June 3, 2020

What Pandemic Prep at our house looked like

So, first, there was getting used to working from home. And Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. 
Happy Hour Zooms were the best however. 

 Then there was the food. Couldn't have enough. We had a freezer full of meat already so I concentrated on long lasting foodstuffs like rice. 

A friend at work tipped me off weeks ahead of time that I should lay in a good supply of paper products- I still haven't run out. Thanks Mary C!

And then there was the upside, hanging out with Gerry and Dallas and Doc. Working from home meant I could adjust my schedule to get in more barn time- love that!  And yes, I went Arctic white right before the Pandemic hit, and oh yeah, have I got some dark roots now!!!!!!

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