Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, Part 1

It seems like this storm has been coming at us forever. And everyone is just wishing it was long over. The forecasts keep getting worse- ugh.

We've been getting ready since Friday. I was thinking that maybe today I could relax and read a book, but I'm feeling way too anxious to sit back and read.

So, I'll blog about it!

This is what Rehoboth looked like this morning, and the storm isn't even here yet (Rehoboth storm photos from Delawareonline)

The above photo was taken right in front of the steps to the Henlopen.

And this is what is looks like around my house:

Last minute run for supplies at Home Depot!

I made this lemon pie using lemons from my miniature lemon tree, hey, at least we are going to eat well during this storm!

Extra water in every available pot.
Three extension cords running from our generator to the refrigerator, the sump pump, and the freezer in the basement.

I'll be updating as I get a chance- or decent photos! Stay safe everyone!

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  1. I knew if anyone was prepared, it would be you!


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