Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, Part 2

Wow, northern New Castle Delaware is so, so lucky. We really dodged a bullet last night. The high winds missed us, thank you Mother Nature!

We had no damage. Our sump pump failed but we had bought a back-up and Gerry got it up and running before we had any water damage- thank god for handy husbands! And he spent alot of time yesterday cleaning out the storm drain in front of our house.

A few random shots from yesterday and today...

Gerry getting ready to go clean out our storm drain. He had to go out about 4 times to get the debris off of it.

We never lost our cable, so their was some major gaming going on! The pups are enthralled...or perhaps they are awaiting dinner.

Bode surveys his backyard from atop the hot tub. Note all the extension cords running from our generator into the house.

We feel very, very lucky. Those around us, especially in New Jersey, weren't so lucky.

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