Thursday, August 23, 2012

How we eat...

Eating well is really important to me. But it is hard to achieve given our constantly-on-the-run schedule, compounded by the fact there are only two of us.

I grocery shop on Friday or Saturday every week for fresh fruits and veggies.
(I buy lots more than I've shown here!)

Then on Sunday, for about 2 hours, I cook. I usually roast some meat from the freezer in my convection oven (love that thing!) 
(We have half a cow and a whole pig in it.)
(Ack- major edit needed here-we keep the cow and the pig in the freezer- not the convection oven---argh- so much for elegant communication!)

Boil up a starch, potatoes this week.

Bake some homemade bread.

And try out one new recipe, this week it was Pioneer Woman's perfect ice coffee.

Tomorrow I'll share dessert with all of you.

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