Monday, June 25, 2012

Pork - the other frugal meat

Last year GW and I purchased a cow  - since keeping large, bellowing livestock is frowned upon in our urban/suburban enclave, we had a friend raise the said beast for us. When we picked up the lovely organically raised beef from the butcher in December we ended up with roughly 4 cubic feet of meat. (BTW, we actually only bought half a cow.) And we ended up paying about $2.48 a pound for the meat. (That includes purchase of the cow, care and feeding, and butchering.)

That experiment went so well that we bought a pig- this time the whole pig. The oinker is now in our freezer as well and the price per pound came to about $2.38. In terms of this being a frugal venture I think this one is a keeper. And the meat has been fabulous- and I feel better knowing that it wasn't raised on some huge factory farm (and all of its attendant ills) and that we supported a local farmer and a local butcher shop. Win-Win!
All the meat came vacuum packed so it should last a nice long time.

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