Thursday, May 10, 2012

Equine and Canine Rescue

G and I belong to a national riding club, OPRC. This weekend we drove to Blue Marsh Lake in Pennsylvania to see a demo of search and rescue techniques using a horse and a dog. The local was beautiful and we were really fortunate that we had wonderful weather. The demo was interesting, I've often thought that if I had any free time that I would enjoy seeing if Dallas and I could do something like this.

Some of the things we learned: rescues are nearly always in the dark because people are frequently not reported missing during daylight hours. Missing person reports are far less frequent now that so many people have smart phones with GPS - more folks are able to "self-rescue."  Learned that there a lot more kinds of search dogs then I'd ever have thought- there are disaster dogs like the ones used for 9/11, and dogs that track scent on leads, and other that can be sent off to search off- lead.

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