Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Boy Dallas, is back too!

I don't sell my artwork in galleries anymore, but I still like to keep my name out there. So, every once in a blue moon I'll take a piece of artwork I've created and submit it to a national magazine, like Somerset Studio or Belle Armoire. I've been very fortunate that about 80% of what I've submitted has been published. But I'm always surprised that the artwork I'm most proud of usually isn't accepted. Such is the case with this multi-media collage entitled "My Boy Dallas." It had been selected for publication in a special issue of Somerset Studio, which was never published, but they held on to it because they wanted to use it in another publication. They held onto it it for almost 2 years. Then, right after Xmas, it came back home. It was good to see it again, it was like greeting an old friend, now I've got in hanging in a place of honor in my office. My favorite detail is the old metal cast of a horse (it's at the very top of the box) that I repainted to look like Dallas.

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