Monday, October 4, 2010

WEG vs. MUG, part 1

While many of our (very lucky, yes I’m green with envy) barn friends are attending WEG (that’s the World Equestrian Games) down in Kentucky, Gerry and I consoled ourselves by attending MUG (Mule Universe Games) in Mt. Airy, Maryland this weekend. MUG offers a variety of events that surpress anything offered at WEG when judged on a creativity scale. I’m mean honestly, I think the WEG attendees are being cheated by not getting to see this "action-packed, a major wreck just waiting to happen, call the ambluance now,"  event called “Monkey in the Tree.”

Two riders on one mule enter the ring at a gallop. The second rider grabs hold of a loop (noose) hanging from a very large crane. Rider on mule races down the arena, rounds a barrel and then attempts to pick-up the second rider and exits the ring again at a gallop. Hmmm, no helmets, and assorted long hair, limbs, feet and spurs got stuck in the loop (noose) as the rider is trying to gallop away. I’m mean come on, I’m sure Fuego XIII or Ravel could handle this kind of action!

Be sure to check in tomorrow for more action packed photos from MUG!

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