Friday, October 1, 2010

Frugal Friday's

Frugal Friday's will be my semi-regular update on what I'm doing to achieve a frugal lifestyle. As mentioned, many times already in this blog, my first phase of this process is to rid ourselves of everything we don't need or don't use. The selection process was easy at first- old IPhones, jewelry, video cameras, and the like were the first to go.

Now, it's getting a little harder. Last week I sold our 17 foot Perception Airolite sea kayaks. Since buying the horses and mule we've spent less and less time in the water with our boats, up to last year when we kayaked exactly once when we took them down to Chincoteague. They have been sitting in the utility area of our yard, waiting in all their red and while beauty to go into the water. And it just wasn't happening.

Kayaking and horses are very time consuming hobbies- or life styles is likely a more accurate description. They consume all your available resources (time, money, and energy) but the payoff in pleasure is well worth it. It's just that two middle class working people like us don't have those resources in unlimited amounts. So using Craiglist and EBay we sold them last week. The proceeds of which will go towards the down payment of a horse trailer.

Despite what some folks have said to us, we aren't "giving up kayaking" at all. We paddled most everything there was to paddle around here, and I'm pretty sure at some point we will do the Sea of Cortez and go back to Maine. We couldn't have taken our boats with us to those locations anyway - we will need to get them from an outfitter- so it makes sense to sell our boats while they still will fetch a good price --which they did :)

I hope the new owners of The Ben and The Bella will enjoy them as much as we did!

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