Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time stood still for a week.....

time stood still in our home for a week. A week ago Gerry's monster kidney stone decided to make its self known and the next three days we were in and out of the ER. On Wednesday he was admitted to the hospital and on Friday he had surgery. There were some complications (i.e. they couldn't get the thing out of him) so he wasn't discharged until late on Saturday.  He is finally starting to feel like himself again and in another week or so should be back to normal.

Of course it wouldn't be a blog without a photo (post operation - no one wants to see a photo of some poor guy in the kind of pain Gerry was in.)

Huge thanks to everyone who helped us out with everything from care of the dogs, the equines, the house, and moral support through cards, phone calls and visits (oh, and the food- thank you!!!!) 

For the first time in our married life Gerry asks me
if I'd like some of what he's having.   

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  1. Gerry doesn't share his food with you? I don't know why, but that is surprising. Tim and I don't usually share either, but mainly because we never ask to taste what the other is eating.

    Mary Jane,, you will find it funny to hear that my Japanese friends over here all think I'm such a good cook. Basically, I've found one or two recipes that I can handle and just serve them all the time, but they are so good that everyone thinks I can cook anything. It makes me laugh inside knowing how anyone who really knows me knows otherwise.

    Hope Gerry is much better now and drinking lots of water.


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