Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Doc, Caught Stealing" a poem by Fenway Bartholomule

Finally, I get to share the wonderful poem that the famous Fenway Bartholomule wrote about our own beloved Doc. Enjoy! (And be sure to visit Fenway's own blog,  "Brays of Our Lives" - it's delightful reading!)

Doc, Caught Stealing

by Fenway Bartholomule

Doc, my boy, you’ve been caught stealing!
Don’t you know, dear, that we saw
How you made sweet little Pepper
And dear Dallas break the law?

Breaking fences, Doc, is naughty.
Kidnapping, dear, is a crime.
Don’t you think we didn’t see you
Slipping out with friends behind!

Doc, you make your little outings
And you lead your friends astray,
But we love you, handsome fellow,
We adore you anyway.

On the trail you’re bold—intrepid!
Crossing streams and climbing hills,
Just don’t pee where you can see it—
You know frothy urine kills!

In the ring you’re sweet and gentle,
‘cept when it’s been freshly dragged.
Doc, you’re sure the evil drag marks
Wish to grab you by the leg.

That’s the mark of clever critters—
We know deadly things on sight.
Humans mustn’t call us silly!
We’ll save them from any plight.

Doc, you keep your person happy.
Doc, you keep him glad and safe.
If there’s a moment when you’re nervous,
There are hundreds when you’re brave.

Doc, you take your small adventures.
Doc, you lead your friends outside.
Just stay safe, stay out of trouble—
Gerry needs you well, alive.

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  1. Dropping in, late, to thank you for this posting! It was a pleasure to write about a mule as lovely as myself.

    Fenway Bartholomule


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