Sunday, June 6, 2010

What I'm reading right now

Influenced by our recent trip to Orlando and the 7 hour behind the scenes tour we took at Walt Disney World it makes sense that right now I'm reading a biography of Walt Disney by Neal Gabler. Walt's is a very inspiring story- hard childhood, a father who was not the nicest of men, poverty - as in, not enough to eat poverty, and a dream that refused to die. Even if you are not a fan of anything Disney, Walt's story makes for a good read. 

I ordered it from Amazon and downloaded it to my I Phone using my Kindle application. Since I got my I Phone and the Kindle app I find that the books I read for pleasure, I download. But yesterday Ger and I went to Borders and I bought two paperbacks - a cookbook on using bread machines and a book on Drupel (a new software package I need to learn for work.) So, the break down seems to be digital for pleasure, and hard copy for work-  domestic and otherwise.

Passing thought, I wonder what will happen to libraries in the future? Any ideas? Do you think they will die out like video rental stores?

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