Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One more from Orlando

The behind the scenes tour we took at Disney was terrific. We saw the tunnels under the park, costume shops, topiary gardens, barns and stables for animal kingdom (the paddocks and barns for the elephants, rhinos, and lions looked right out of Jurassic Park, talk about massive!  And generally, got a little taste of what it might like to be a Disney employee- sorry, make that Disney Cast Member ; )

Part of the tour was lunch and for that we went to the Wilderness Lodge, the food was ok, but the place struck me as a badly done knock off of the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone- as many know, my all time favorite place to spend a night. One of my life time goals is to go to as many National Parks and stay in their "Great Lodges." My guidebook is pictured to the left.  Thus far I've only checked one off my list, so I need to get busy- yeah, more vacations!

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