Monday, February 22, 2010

My very first purchase...

Growing up Saturdays were shopping days. Not grocery, or hardware store shopping but the only kind of shopping that matters- clothes shopping. We lived in Illinois then and every Saturday morning my Mom would put her four excited girls in the car. If we headed towards Hillside we spent the morning at Carson, Pier, Scott and Company. And would be home in time for lunch. If we headed west to Oak Brook then it was an even better day because after shopping at Marshall Fields we would head up to their lunch room. I nearly always ordered the Field Special- a massive open faced sandwich on rye bread with Swiss cheese, turkey, bacon and a 1,000 island dressing that came in a tiny pitcher. And dessert was always Frango Mint Pie. What fun- and in later years it got better because my sister Ann was a model in their fashion shows.

When I was 6 years old I made my very first purchase with my own money, and it was this lovely wood sewing box you see in this photo. I still have it, still use it and still love it. Quality pays, but better yet are the sweet memories it stirs up every time I go to fix a hem or sew on a button.

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