Saturday, August 22, 2009


OMG, could it be any more hot and humid? We went to the barn this morning and spent about two hours giving the boys their "spa" treatment. That consists of a good brushing, check tails for ticks, comb manes, pick hooves (did the thrush buster as a safeguard.) Then did the Keratext hoof treatment, rubbed in the Keratex anti-rainrot powder on their legs, then treated Dallas' scratches - we are wining the war on that --finally, but no thanks to this damn weather. Did the same for Beau (except no scratches on him) but his poor nose, despite my best efforts at keeping it covered with zinc oxide did burn slightly. Finished both up with a nice coating of fly spray and fly masks (which they've likely torn off already.)

Yes, Gerry and I were dripping with sweat by the time we got done, but the boys looked great!

Stopped on the way home from the barn to visit with friends, then came home, and as it was overcast, we walked Miss Bella around the neighborhood, then ate lunch and baked some cookies, and did a quick 20 minute house cleaning- and that's it, in for the rest of the day and looking forward to a long cool bath.

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