Monday, August 24, 2009

The OPRC Trail Class

I'm a proud member of the Charlie Horse Chapter of the (gulp) Old Peoples Riding Club. I volunteered to take the lead on the trail class portion of our rally, which will take place on October 18. We don't normally give out prizes, but I wanted to do something for the top three finishers, so I created the three "trophies" that you see in the photo above.

The logo is a combination of stock photography and original illustration. The bases are tin cans covered with embossed leather that I then "antiqued" with orange paint. The cans were filled with plaster of Paris and dried with the logo mounted into the can. A little embellishing followed. Anyway, long way of saying that a fun trophy can be created that costs next to nothing except for a little creative labor. Enjoy!

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  1. As always, just beautiful. I have taken up a new hobby that I hope turns out even a little as nice as yours. I've started rolling paper beads. It started when I was looking up projects for Laura to do for her summer homework. She wanted to go buy something, and I told her she had better find something to do with recyclables since I spent all my money in the States. I had recently seen something on the Huffingtonpost about recycled jewelry and looked that up on the internet (don't you just love the internet), Laura ended up doing something completely different, but I love the beads that come out of the process. So far, I've just rolled and rolled beads. I'm a little afraid to make any jewelry, because that is where the dream falls apart. How many projects have I imagined, only to have that turn out pathetic when I actually try to execute them? Countless. I may just end up making a lot of beads and being happy with that.

    Love the photos off to the side here.


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