Sunday, April 26, 2009

Whoa- is it August?

First off, if you live near me you know what I'm talking about- holy moly it is hot, at least 90 yesterday and today. Thankfully, the humidity didn't come with it, but a ride in the ring yesterday and today has left my arms and shoulders pretty burned- now if I could just get some color on my pale, sickly white legs.

So today I've ridden Dallas, washed both horses, done the housework (don't be impressed, what passes for my kind of housekeeping is just a quick and dirty once over lightly), read a couple chapters in prepartion for the new classes I'll be teaching in the fall (which I'll be writing this summer) and now it is time for a nice long bath followed by a couple of hours in the studio- I get so little studio time these days it really bothers me, now as long as the phone doesn't ring......

Oh, one last thing, Gerry and I watched an excellent movie last night, "Appaloosa" with Ed Harris and Viggo Mortenson - both of whom look to actually be able to ride pretty darn well. The movie had a nice authentic feel to it, and I'd be raving over it except I did not like the soundtrack (except for the song played over the credits at the end.) But still, if you love a good western, well worth your time.

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