Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flash Fiction Brooches

For almost a decade now I’ve been blending my love for writing and creating brooches into an art form that I call narrative jewelry. The concept is that I create a brooch that is not only a functional piece of jewelry but also a three dimensional illustration to a written story that comes packaged with the brooch. These narratives take the form of a miniature storybook, letter, diary entry, or postcard. Within these narratives I expand facets of characters or plotlines which I pull from my novel, “The Fourth Storm.”
Last year I was inspired to shorten my narrative for a new series of brooches when I read about a new creative writing art form called “flash fiction.” I immediately fell in love with the idea of conveying the essence of a story in under 1,000 words – or in my version of flash fiction, just a few words! Within days I began a new series of brooches; on the back of each I placed a short line of text that was inspired by the collaged imagery on the front.

These brooches are also a great way to incorporate those bits and piece, beads and baubles that have been lying around your studio waiting for a job to do.

My goal is that the wearer of each brooch will embark on a creative journey with me; that my variation of flash fiction will be the catalyst their imaginations need to develop the rest of the story.

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