Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not much of anything....

The trip to visit the barn where Dallas' former owner bought him didn't result in much new infomration. The owner remembered him as a nice horse, his name had been Tigger (oh yuck) and the only new info, that he'd been shown in some hunter classes. Hmmm, poor Dallas, now that I know that he is going to find a couple of jumps set up in the ring very soon.

In other horse news, I've had Beau out on the trail twice since our horrible walk of shame. He is fine going out but the second we turn for home he gets forward and jiggy. Well, that won't be tolerated, so tomorrow we are going to begin working on correcting that behavior. My plan is to either make him back, or go in a circle or simply turn him around and go back the way we came every time he starts getting ansty.

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