Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Morning with the Kids

While the title of this Blog mentions horses as one of my passions, the center of my world are our dogs Ben & Bella. Ben is our big boy and oldest (nine years old) and weighs in at 120 pounds and Bella is our baby (seven years old,) a petite little girl weighing about 82 pounds.

Monday through Friday the routine is doggie children get the SO up, eat, run outside, and then Ben goes with Daddy to fetch the paper. Being creatures of routine (most especially where food is concerned) they are not interested in changing things up come the weekend. Instead of Daddy getting up with them Mommy (that would be me) gets up with the kids, they eat, dash outside and then the routine gets changed up a little as we all pile back into bed for a nice little snooze and cuddle. Nothing warms a bed up better than over 200 pounds of Labrador snoring blissfully while curled up with Mom and Dad. I love Sunday mornings.

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