Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Monday

The SO and I had a wonderful time with the boys yesterday. SO's horse Dallas is a 15.3 black and white tobiano Paint and my guy is Beau, a 16.1 hand palomino Paint. This was our first ride of the year; the boys haven't been ridden since the last week in December, but they acted like they always do, just solid little citizens. We didn't do much, just tooled around a bit in the ring, doing a few w/t/c transitions. The day was lovely but the trails around Fair Hill are still slippery and a friend who went out Saturday said they were even still icy in spots, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that next weekend we can go for our first trail ride of the year.

In frugal news we had a lovely lobster, shrimp and rib dinner at home instead of going out to celebrate Valentine's Day. I figure we spent about $28 on the our homemade dinner in contrast to what I know would have been at least $90 if we had gone out. Not that I don't enjoy eating out, we do, but sometimes a fancy meal at home is every bit as nice.

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