Monday, August 9, 2021

Doc and his Buddha Belly

Please admire the orange traffic cones Doc is wearing. These are called Shoo Fly boots and they are a game-changer. Last year his legs were just a mass of bites, and no matter how much repellent we sprayed him with we could never give him any relief. Then I was in Fair Hill Saddlery and I saw these, The manager told me she LOVED them, so I bought a set. 

OMG, they are the best.

His little mule legs have not a single bite on them. No more stomping constantly and cracked hooves to say nothing of how much better he must feel. They are very loose, but flies will not go down the,. He has been wearing them all summer and no chafing or rubs. 

I LOVE these things!!!!! I bought some for Dallas, but he can't wear them on his hinds, just his front legs, because when he poops he dumps his manure right into the boot-honestly, how and why????

And yes, mules have big bellies~ 


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