Wednesday, February 24, 2021

And then there was Covid...

I blog ahead of time, so was amused to see that two blog posts by me went up while I was in the hospital fighting Covid.

SCREECH. Stop. Back up.

Gerry and I started feeling pretty badly around January 11. We had taken a Covid test just a week before and the results were negative. But we just felt worse and worse and took another test on January 13  and got the results back- positive this time.


OK, we can do this, we will tough it out, stay home and get better.

Not. What Happened.

We got worse and worse.

On January 20 we were both taken to Christiana Hospital by ambulance. Yep, we were the bad.

The next couple days were a bit of a blur. We were on oxygen, and IV steroids and Redemsvir- the anti-viral drug of choice for Covid.

The only upside is that we were able to share a room. The nurses loved that because (Think, I hope) it made their jobs a little easier. And a couple of the doctors were freaked out by it-especially since we have different last names.

Aside feeling like we were going to die, the worst for me, was what i lovingly called the "Satan Sweats" Every couple of hours at night I would wake up covered in a cold film, shaking like I was naked in the Arctic and with a major anxiety attack thrown in for good measure. These continued for my entire stay in the hospital and for two weeks after getting home. 

Oh, and I got a major case of thrush in my mouth. Lovely.

Gerry broke out in about 100 tiny wounds on his back.

Once crazy virus this Covid.

Anyway, we are much, much better. I still have the "Covid" cough and our energy and endurance is no where near what it was before getting sick, but the brain fog is gone and we feel a 100 items better.

Wear your mask folks, it ain't no joke.

My IV had to be moved three times, that along with nightly shots in our stomachs to keep us from getting blood clots and we looked like pin cushions! BFF Lori brought me some clothes to wear as I kept soaking what few clothes I had every night during the "Satan Sweats"
Matching hospital gowns, I've never cared less what I looked like.

Getting ready to leave, all I wanted was my own home and own bed. Thank god I had a baseball cap to hide my hair!

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