Monday, January 4, 2021

Happy New Year, I hope.....

2020 was a year of unprecedented creativity for me. With so few distractions I took to my studio.  I pledged back in March that I could not waste the opportunity that came with this horrible illness.

Some of what I accomplished:

Finished the first draft of my third book, Dia's Lodge

Blogged three days a week (most of the time : )

Co-wrote a published article on my barn owner with my sister Susan.

Co-wrote a children's book with Susan

Finished writing and creating all the examples for a new course to teach: Introduction to Collage.

Discovered a new artform-multi-media, primitive figures that swiftly became a passion- this year I've completed 12 of them (but still not sure what to call them-till then I'll just keep producing them.)

In the non-creative part of my life: 

I rode more than I ever have. 

Did a deep clean-out of the entire house that included renting a 15-yard dumpster which Gerry and I filled up. 

Worked on learning French -very unsuccessfully.

Learned a new software program-Procreate.

Took online dressage lessons.

Watched an online silversmithing class. 

Gave weekly riding lessons to AV and took her to her first horse show!

Talked to my sister Susan almost every day.

I discover Tik Toc and learned so much about other lifestyles and cultures.

For too many 2020 was a heartwrenching year filled with pain-emotional, physical, and financial.  My prayers have been with you every single day. And I wish with all my might that 2021 will be better.

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