Friday, September 4, 2020

Hitch on Twitch, watch him!


Trevor Daneliuk hitchhikes across America on Twitch - Business Insider

As all of our friends know, Gerry and I are basically teenagers in middle-aged bodies. So for about two years, we've been occasionally watching gamers on Twitch. Then Ger came across something very different. A guy named Trevor who hitchhikes for a living. And he live streams it. But this year, lovely 2020, because of the pandemic he isn't hitchhiking, instead, he is riding across Canada. Cool! So we are watching him and I have to tell you it is fascinating and interesting stuff. Run in with bears, and some incredibly nice and interesting people, plus the chance to see Canada low and slow. So, if you are up for something new and different check him out.


  1. Has he been to Winnipeg yet? If so, hope nothing bad happened to him, always hear stories of visitors having things stolen etc.

  2. Hope this doesn’t show up twice. I thought I posted something but it didn’t show up.
    Has he been to Winnipeg yet? If so, I hope nothing bad happened to him. We always seem to hear about visitors who had bad stuff happen to them, stuff stolen etc.


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