Monday, September 28, 2020

G & J Greenall's - my new favorite!

A couple of months ago we bought a small beverage fridge. And we have had fun stocking it with new to us alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. We haven't' been able to do that before because our kitchen fridge is pretty small. 

So, last weekend we paid a visit to Total Wine- which has a HUGE selection of single cans of beverages. And we bought a few to try. Damn, why did I only buy one of these!!!!!! This gin drink is simply awesome. And yes, we will be going back for more. 

I looked the company up and found out this: 

Greenall’s is the Official Gin of the Jockey Club, which owns 15 of the UK’s major racecourses. Sales of Greenall’s RTDs at Jockey Club racecourses are said to have “exceeded expectations” in 2015.

Well, of course, that's why I love this - it has a horse connection!!!


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  1. That sounds delicious. Someday, I'll be able to try something other than wine and sake.


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