Monday, June 29, 2020

Apple AirPod Arts and Crafts Project

OK, today we have a quick, fun little craft project! 

Ger and I both have AirPods and they are frequently at our charging station at the same time - oh no, how to tell them apart??????

Tiny tattoos! I purchased a couple of packs of Tiny Tattoos like these from Amazon. Easy peasy to use:
1. Trim to size
2. Remove the clear laminate
3. Position on your (clean) Airpod case
4. Gently wet with a damp sponge.  
5. Remove the backing and let dry
6. When dry, cover the tattoo with a glaze like this one, Deco Art Triple Thick, let dry. Then give it a second coat. (Do not use  Mod Podge- as it dries tacky)

Presto- no more mixed up Airpods situations!

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