Monday, May 11, 2020

This is what work looks like now thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Never did I ever think that I would go to work masked and gloved up, using sanitizer so much I wished to god I'd bought stock in Purel.

But this is the new reality. I'm working both from home and a couple of days a week on site. The College is cleaned daily (hourly I think) and I'm one of only a few folks going in - no students. So I feel pretty safe. 

This past year has been busy- I've taken on some new courses to teach- one is a beginner drawing class which I adore teaching. I've embarked on a new art journey - more on that-, I entered my first art exhibit in about a billion years and I'm working to finish my third book. Number two is completed but I haven't self published it yet.

I hope now that I have a wee bit more time to myself I can get the blog up and running again. I really miss it when life gets in the way of writing it, so for now, I'm back! Good to see you all again.

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