Monday, March 25, 2019

Mardi Gras 2019

Today's post will be a bit of everything Mardi Gras. 

To lead off: I was asked to create a new Mardi Gras mask for a big fundraiser where I work. It had to be BIG. So I made it 7 feet 4 inches wide by almost five feet tall. The almost finished mask is shown below. When I can scrape some free time together I plan to do a whole "how I built it" photo story that I'll post here and on Instagram.

I was very generously gifted with two tickets to the event so I could see the mask hang in all it's glory- if I do say so myself- it looked really good!

You can see in the above photo I added round mirrors to the eyes of the mask, they look subtle because I chose to put them behind the sheer black sequined fabric that I used to cover the entire mask before I  began adding more layers and embellishments.

Gerry and I had a lovely time- good food and drink and music!

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