Friday, January 25, 2019

Italy Trip, continued...

After leaving Naples we drove to the Amalfi coast. We stayed in Amalfi town itself- this tiny little town hugging the mountain that overlooks the Mediterranean. We were astonished at how nice our hotel room was-huge with a gee-normous patio that we shared with our friends who were in the room next door. Every afteroon around 4 we'd gather there and share wine and cheese and crackers before walking into town for dinner.

What I loved most about Amalfi is that we didn't need a car- we could walk the entire town. and one day walked to the next town up the coast.

 When we couldn't walk we had the option of taking a ferry to other coastal towns.  

Near the end of our stay in Amalfi we rented a boat (!) and Captain Ron drove us up and down the coast. It was during this trip I had an ill-fated attempt to go swimming the ended up with me smashing my nose into the desk and pinning myself between the railings of the boat. I ended up with a really awful bruise and a cut on my knee-neither of which were at all debilitating-just ugly. My husband and friends didn't realize that I'd actually hurt myself AND that I was stuck fast between the railings because when it happened I began laughing uncontrollably. Yeah, I'm like that.  I had to pulled out because my arms were trapped at my sides. It wasn't pretty. But the day was!


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