Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Sunday

This past Sunday was Easter. Gerry and I went to the barn and enjoyed Doc and Dallas and then, back home, cooked hot dogs on the grill.

As a child the week before Easter was filled anticipation and preparation. Buying a PAAS Easter Egg Dye package, hard-boiling eggs, the amazing aroma of yeast dough rising and then morphing into my Mom's wonderful schnecken recipe. And new Easter outfits, either bought new or sewn by my Mom. Easter Sunday- first a big breakfast, then attending church, and then coming home to an Easer egg hunt and a wonderful meal.

In later years, when were all grown up and Ann, Ellen and Susan had long since moved away, Mom and Dad would take Gerry and me out to a lavish Easter brunch.

I'm so grateful to my parents for making so many wonderful Easter memories for me. The photo above is my Mom, and sister's Ellen,Ann and little Susan (I wasn't born yet.)

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