Monday, November 28, 2016

Another visitor- also kind of unwelcome

What is up with the wildlife around here lately???? So, remember this post of a couple of weeks ago. Mr. Mouse wanting to come inside for a chat and a bite to eat. 

The following week Gerry got home from work and as he always does, he went to the pond to feed the koi, and while he was doing that he heard a ruckus coming from our gazebo. He looks in and sees this!!!!

We believe its a Coopers Hawk. Apparently, he was chasing a small bird, and ran into the screen in our gazebo, tearing a huge hole and once inside was unable to get out.

Gerry took a photo and then opened the door and ushered him out.  He flew into our dawn redwood and seemed unhurt.

Crazy times at the Arden Lamenzo homestead for sure! 

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