Friday, October 14, 2016

Frugal Friday

I love a bargain. One thing I don't spend money on like I used to is clothing. There is so much good quality, low cost clothing available these days (and pretty nicely designed to boot) that I spend far less on it than I did 30 years ago. (No scientific fact, just my casual observation.)

Anyway, I freely admit to really liking a lot of the clothing COSTCO gets in for sale. For years I never even glanced at it, turning my nose up at the idea of buying clothing off a table in the middle of a box store. No longer, I snagged this down jacket for just $49, I needed to replace my Landsend jacket and I did it for less than half what I would have spent with LE- LE I still love you and your ponte knit dresses still rock!

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