Monday, October 24, 2016

Fake Ship Lap Installation

I love the show Fixer Upper, I adore Joanna's interior design style, her hair, her silos, her new furniture designs (OMG-I want these chairs so badly)   Before Fixer Upper I'd never heard of shiplap but  instantly fell in love with its rustic simplicity.

We have several "refresh" projects on our to do list, one of which is to "freshen" up our air lock entry foyer. Enter shiplap- Arden-Lamenzo style- which means easy and cheap.

We purchased 4 x 8, 1/4 inch pre-sanded plywood and had Lowes cut it down into 6 inch planks (cost to have them cut it: $23- so worth it.)

Next, Ger started nailing it up using nickels as spacers. He got over half-way done in one day. After it is up I'll paint. Then I have my eye on a new ceiling fixture and I also plan to re-hack my Ikea Rast storage cabinet- the first time I hacked it I was in a mad rush and didn't do a very nice job- promise-more photos when we finish!

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