Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Meat...its whats for dinner

a plate of steaks ready to be grilled!

So our steer, Dinner, will be meeting his maker sometime in May. We were running a little low in the freezer so Gerry took a co-worker up on purchasing a quarter of his beef order.

Now, when you take a cow to a butcher, they ask you what cuts of meat you'd like. Especially with the steaks there's a lot of overlap- so a filet mignon is actually part of a larger cut called Delmonico - and so on.

The co-worker orders some cuts that we don't usually so we ended up with some of the aforementioned Delmonicos and filet mignons-in this photo we decided to do a taste test and grill 3 different cuts to see what we liked best. At the bottom is the filet, directly above it is a t-bone and next to that is the Delmonico.

The result, there were all good : )


  1. Those three cuts are probably worth about $100 over here. So we don't eat much meat, as you can imagine.

  2. Holy cow - literally! We've figured that all the meat (including buying the cow, feeding, board, and butchering that the total comes to $3.50 per pound- that's high for ground beef but super low for steak.


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