Monday, February 8, 2016

Last Year: Show Time

My equine goal for 2015 was to have Kris train Dallas as often as possible and show him in local schooling shows. Kris did an amazing job with Dallas- waking up his inner dressage horse and we ended 2015 with him showing Training Level and First Level. His high scores for the year were:

Intro B:  77.2 
Training 1: 67.391
Training 2: 69.038
Training 3: 68.864
First Level 1: 64.259

We took him to 6 schooling shows in total. We learned a lot about him including: he LOVES dressage, he does not do well when its hot (no summer shows next year) and the judges all recognize what a good boy he is and how hard he tries to please.

I'm undecided about our goals for next year. With my foot surgery putting me out of commission for a while I think I'll just need to take it week by week.

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