Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Handsome Bode

Our dog Bode Arden-Lamenzo
Bode Arden-Lamenzo
We lost our dear Bella in July of last year, and so we are now parents to just one pup-Bode. We adopted him about 6 years ago from Paws for Life, an awesome rescue in Maryland. About 2 years later we went there again to help SIL Debbie find her new pup, another black lab named Denice.

Anyway, we've always been a two dog family. But I think we'll stay a one dog family for a bit longer. Bode is easy to travel with - loves car rides, and managing one dog is a lot easier.

Bode had a very rough start in life, his previous owner kept him crated so much that he couldn't sit and his rump muscles were severely underdeveloped. For the first couple of years we owned him we was unable to wag his tail. He is also very water opportunistic, he sees even a tiny puddle of water and he is lapping it up which leads us to suspect that he didn't have much water available to him when he was growing up.

Bode is a kind, handsome gentleman and we love him so very much.

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