Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ode to Bacon

Gerry and I buy a cow and a pig every year. A friend raises them for us (as we live in the suburban/urban jungle) then we send them off to slaughter and fill our freezer.
Yes, I said slaughter. I'm not going to call it "meet their maker"  or some other phrase that's a happy  hint at what happens.
We eat meat. We are carnivores.
We buy our own cow and pig to make sure that the meat we buy isn't raised on a factory farm, that the animal has a healthy life and that when it is slaughtered it is done in a humane and respectful way. That is important to me.
I think we have become way too disconnected from our food source. I know people who eat meat but are grossed out by the bone in a T-bone steak. I think this disconnect opens the door to being less respectful and informed of how and where our food comes from.
Anyway, this started out as a blog post on bacon.
I've always found cooking it a major messy pain. Then I figured out that if I chopped it up, and cooked it in my cast iron dutch oven (with the cover on until the very end) it was a much less messy affair. I cook 2 pounds at a time and freeze what I don't plan to use in the near future.

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