Monday, February 24, 2014

Riding in St. Kitts-orHurry Up White Girl

On one of our first trips to the Caribbean, Gerry and I went to St. Kitts, and while there went horse back riding. Yup, I'm riding in sneakers and no helmet. It was memorable because my poor horse was missing a good chunk of his ear, and mid-way through the ride our trail leader looks back and starts shouting- "Hurry there white girl," and ""Damn you white girl, hurry up."

"Really?" I'm thinking, I'm keeping up just fine and enjoying a nice leisurely ride. And do you really have to call me white girl?

No, they explain to us at the end of the ride, the horse I'm riding is called White Girl.


It was a nice ride, thought nothing like the incredible ride we would enjoy in Aruba about 10 years later. But we did see wild monkeys and that was a first, don't see wild monkeys in Fair Hill.

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