Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Doc Rocks his first dressage schooling show!

Doc’s first horse show was terrific, huge thanks to Kris Poole – she has had only had 8 weeks to work with Doc: he’d never done dressage and he’d never been to a show! She is a great horse trainer, but she’s got a special talent for mules!
Doc’s Intro A and B Dressage tests:
He scored 67.50 on Text A, and placed second in his class
He scored 66.25 on Test B, and placed first* in his class of 4 horses!!!! Note below:
*The Danish system of placing was used to award ribbons, so while he placed first among 4 horses he was awarded a red ribbon because he got between 65 and 70 points (if he’d gotten 70 or more points he would have gotten blue.
No pre-show jitters for this mule! Doesn't he look handsome in his new trailer!

Proud mule papa!


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